The Dancing Future (1) is the third chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children. This chapter was released as part of a "short term serialization", it is considered canon but not part of the standard chapter numeration, as such it is the equivalent to a prologue to the series.


Kaoru is participating in a school simulator to learn to control her powers so that she might be able to attend a normal school. When one of the robotic dummies insults Espers she blows it up, leading to Minamoto scolding her.

Shortly after, all of the lights at B.A.B.E.L headquarters go out and all of the computer monitors start playing an announcement from the terrorist group Normal People. At the same time, all of the robots are hijacked and become violent, chanting for Espers to be exiled. This inevitably outrages Kaoru so Minamoto holds her back, concerned that she might destroy the expensive machines, before Director Taizō Kiritsubo barges in and destroys the robots himself. Oboro Kashiwagi closely follows holding a disc with a "vaccine program" to removes the Normal People's hold on the robots, crediting this prompt response to a precog.

Later on a government owned island, Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho are playing on a beach while Minamoto and Kiritsubo are nearby discussing a Level 7 precog whole predictions are never wrong. The Children then show up holding onto a dolphin who Kiritsubo introduces as Lieutenant I-009. After feeding I-009 a fish, Minamoto is shown a prediction of I-009's own death.

The group discuss possible culprits behind I-009's nearing death but come up with nothing. I-009 tells them not to worry as he has accepted his fate and wants to meet his old war buddies in the afterlife, Kaoru refuses to let him give up and the Children offer to protect him until his fate has changed.

That night while the Children are asleep, I-009 tells Minamoto that his death isn't important and then shows him another prediction that must be changed. Minamoto stands before an adult Kaoru in a warzone pointing a gun at her which Kaoru claims would kill her at such close range, then tells him to shoot. Minamoto pleads with Kaoru to stop the war between normals and Espers to which Kaoru says that it is already too late. The prediction ends with Minamoto shooting Kaoru and Kaoru telling Minamoto that she loved him.