Teleportation is a common synthetic Esper ability to manipulate space, transporting matter from location to another. The distance and speed one can teleport themselves or objects depends upon their power and skill as a teleporter and the conditions of the area involved in the teleportation.

Teleportation is said to be the most advanced form of psychic abilities. Teleporters have a higher level of cognition of the area around them and are sensitive to spatial changes and distortions, with a powerful teleporter being able to locate other teleporters and shapes of nearby objects while blindfolded.

Uses Edit

High-speed Travel Edit

By instantaneously teleporting from one point to another, a teleporter is able to cover a distant in less time than conventional travel. By repeatedly teleporting in the same direction, one can reach a destination in significantly less time than usual. Travelling in this manner is known to be exhausting for teleporters.

Body Splitting Edit

By creating a spatial-distortion, a teleporter is able to send part of their body to another location while still being connected to it. This technique is often used by Mio Tsukushi in a fight; by sending her fists alone to strike her enemy, she can keep the more vulnerable parts of her body at a safe distance.

Cloning Edit

By rapidly teleporting back and forth between multiple locations, a teleporter is able to be in multiple places at once. If fast enough, electrical signals and other bodily functions will behave as if they are part of a single body. This can lead to the bodies in each position to have their own thoughts and become separate entities. This technique is risky, as the clones can form their own personalities and try to take over the main body when they merge back together.[1]

References Edit

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