Oboro Kashiwagi (柏木 朧, Kashiwagi Oboro) is the secretary of Taizō Kiritsubo, the leader of B.A.B.E.L..


Oboro is described as a woman with a very slender figure, with a pretty face, nice eyes, with long, wavy dark hair, usually dressed formally.


Oboro is the perfect example of a hard worker, she is too serious, formal, dutiful, reliable and responsible, she devotes herself devotedly to her work, being so focused on her career than she have left entertainment, and social life behind.

Kashiwagi is a cornerstone in B.A.B.E.L. she is involved in every important matter, she is very well informed of everything, from the most insignificant gossip to the top secrets of the nation

She is the right hand of Taizō Kiritsubo, as well as being comically the caretaker o her childlike superior. Her close relationship with her superior at the beginning caused confusion and rumors among her colleagues, who believed that she maintained some romance with her boss, which she firmly denyed ending definitively with the matter.

Being so brilliant, normally she has attracted the attention of many of his colleagues, but she is never interested in engaging in any relationship, so she politely deny any approach.

However, on the flip side Oboro is a bad drinker, if she gets drunk her personallity turns violentand reckless, also she possesses a terrifying temper that often helps her scare the aforementioned superior and force him to get back to work.

She is one of the few people who was respected by The Children on their young age, due to her patient and understanding treat towards them.




Immense physical strength: Oboro possesses incredible physical strength and is capable of single handedly dragging a grown man three times her height and weight from a room before throwing him out by the leg.

She can use really heavy fire arms.


Taizō Kiritsubo she is his right arm, his must trusted person, almost his own babysitter.


  • Oboro's last name is after Kashiwagi, the eldest son of To no Chujo; her first name is for Lady Oborozukiyo in The Tale of Genji.


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