Naomi Umegae (梅枝 ナオミ, Umegae Naomi) is a member of the Esper team, Wild Cat. Naomi is a Level 6 Psychokinetic.


Naomi is a young Esper, slim with long black hair and eyes, always refered as a very attractive girl.


Naomi is very responsible, a capable fighter, and a very reliable member of B.A.B.E.L. with enough recognition to be send to accomplish missions alone and to be granted the control of her own Limiter.

Her personality has opposite poles, on the one hand he is very kind, caring, polite, smiling and a bit like "tennen boke," being naive and making mistakes here and there; but on the other hand is a typical bishoujo character.

The constant harassment by her field leader, Ichirō Tanizaki, who she considers as a dirty old man has caused her lot of pent up frustration that she has no issue taking out on him. Her tolerance for the actions of perverted men is nonexistent.

Naomi has shown hints of having a crush on Monamoto from the momment they were introduced, but this changed to a strong admiration, also she have been seen interested in Sakaki, and (manga only) she has know to once got a date with a student.


When she was aged 12, she had already awaken Psychokinesis of around level 4 to 5. It was after being taken under wings of Ichirō Tanizaki that she was able develop her ability to Level 6 by latter's training. After years of the handler's strict and careful care. Naomi become a young lady and the more entrustable esp agent of B.A.B.E.L.



Psychic Stun Subjection



Psychic Stun Subjection


Ichirō TanizakiEdit

Naomi to Ichirō

Naomi's feelings for Ichirō

Ichirō Tanizaki is Naomi's field leader. He calls her "My Dear Naomi" because he has a crush on her, but she doesn't like him.



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