Masuo Ōkama (大鎌 増夫, Ōkama Masuo), or Muscle Ōkama (大鎌 マッスル, Ōkama Masūru), the name given to him by Kyousuke Hyoubu, is an Esper of P.A.N.D.R.A.. Later in the series, he becomes the Roviet Ambassador to Japan, under the name Muscle Ōkamanov (マスール オカマノフ, Masūru Ōkamanofu), another name Hyoubu gave him.


Muscle is a tall man with tan skin. He usually wears sunglasses a jacket, no pants and boots, all in a exagerated homo-sexual themed fashion, though he wears suit to keep up appearances when posing as an ambassador.


He has a very laid back personality. He acts with exagerated manners and voice,

He is also openly gay, a fact which he makes abundantly clear all throughout the series.

Muscle constantly moves his hips while talking, and wears revealing clothes almost everytime, this causes comical discomfort reactions from his partners.

Many years prior to the series Muscle was the first reclute P.A.N.D.R.A. helped activelly in the raising of the younger members, its comically stated that if not for his akward behaviour and dressing likes, he could be easilly consider a father figure as he acted like a caretaker, for the Yō Fujiura, a skill trainer for Shirō Magi, and a friend of Momiji.


Not much is known about Muscle's past, but it has been shown that he has been with P.A.N.D.R.A for at least 10 years. He looked relatively the same 10 years ago.



He can shoot beams from between his legs which turn living beings (or maybe just humans) into stone (or some kind of metal). It is interesting to state that while in the metallic form the living functions of the victims are frozen, and they come back to life whenever the effect is stopped, surprisingly they are not killed by the transmutation.