This is a list of episodes of the 2013 Japanese animated television series The Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke. The anime is an original spinoff of the character Kyōsuke Hyōbu, of the manga Zettai Karen Children. It began airing on January 7, 2013 on TV Tokyo, ran 12 episodes, finishing on March 25, 2013. It was produced by Manglobe.

List of EpisodesEdit

Image Episode Title # Air Date
Episode 1 Paranormal Jailbreak -Schooler of deadlock-
超常脱獄 -Schooler of deadlock-
Chō Tsune Datsugoku -Schooler of deadlock-
#1 January 7, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 2 The Melody of Assassination -Ghost of WW2-
暗殺のメロディ -Ghost of WW2-
Ansatsu no Merodi -Ghost of WW2-
#2 January 14, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 3 Cleanliness and Pollution -Queen not a Princess-
清楚と汚濁 -Queen not a Princess-
Seiso to Odaku -Queen not a Princess-
#3 January 21, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 4 Absolute Domain -Children Territory-
絶対領域 -Children Territory-
Zettai Ryōiki -Children Territory-
#4 January 28, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 5 Strangers -Portrait of the family-
ストレンジャーズ -Portrait of the family-
Sutorenjāzu -Portrait of the family-
#5 February 4, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 6 Darkness, Run -As true as a lie-
闇、走る -As true as a lie-
Yami, Hashiru -As true as a lie-
#6 February 11, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 7 ESP Unit, Part One -Generation ZERO PART I-
超能部隊・前編 -Generation ZERO PART I-
Chōnō Butai Zenpen -Generation ZERO PART I-
#7 February 18, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 8 ESP Unit, Part Two -Generation ZERO PART II-
超能部隊・後編 -Generation ZERO PART II-
Chōnō Butai Kōhen -Generation ZERO PART II-
#8 February 25, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 9 Catastrophe -Pandora's box opens-
カタストロフ -Pandora's box opens-
Katasutorofu -Pandora's box opens-
#9 March 4, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 10 The Distant Paradise -Original Sin-
遠い楽園 -Original Sin-
Tōi Rakuen -Original Sin-
#10 March 11, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 11 The Two Within the Storm -Outlaws-
嵐の中のふたり -OUTLAWS-
Arashi no naka no Futari -OUTLAWS-
#11 March 18, 2013
UNLIMITED Episode 12 To The Future -Last Resolution-
#12 March 25, 2013
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