Limiters are enhancing items special for Espers. They are been activated by an item of their superior. The known members that are using those kind of devices are "The Children". These Devices limits the use of their abilities temporarily, once the supervisor activates them, The Limiters will be lifted and thus gaining full use of their abilities.


The Children's limiters are far more complex. Their limiters consists of GPS, making them easier to find them in long distances and Communicators able to receive calls from the headquarters or from their supervisors. These limiters can use Triple Boosts. Which can be use to boost triple times the power of their abilites. However, The Children must be complete in order to use.

Kaoru's WatchEdit

Watch Limiter

Kaoru's Limiter

Aoi's EarringEdit

Earring Limiter

Aoi's Limiter

Shiho's RingEdit

Ring Limiter

Shiho's Limiter

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