Ken McGwire (ケン マクガイ, Ken MakuGaia) is a Lieutenant of the Japanese Comerican Esper Team The Liberty Bells. He is a Level 6 Clairvoyant.


Ken is tall, he has short blond hair that is usually unkempt, he is slim; he always wears a suit and wears glasses with a clear tint


He is a very friendly government agent who is always complying with duty; he is always willing to lend a hand to his colleagues in Japan, with a tendency to resolve matters peacefully.

He speaks Japanese with a strong American accent, making many normal mistakes of someone who has not fully learned the language.

Despite the positive of his personality is quite clumsy, unreliable, and always has exaggerated reactions.


Initially Ken was sent to Japan to hunt for Comerican Espers causing troubles outside their county, so after a brief adventure he ends up befriending with the personel of B.A.B.E.L.

In each of his appearances he provides valuable information to his colleagues and personally provides assistance if it is allowed.



Ken's Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance: He uses his power in the same way as Natsuko Tokiwa.


Mary Ford: Both are partners, and both have very similar personalities, being both clumsy, however Ken seems to be a bit more focused than her, so he usually acts as the voice of reason in the team.

J.D. Grisham: Ken respects him as his superior, but as initialy Grisham's actions were unclear and secret he distrusted, but at the end they ended becoming a good team.