Keiko Kojika (小鹿 佳子, Kojika Keiko) is the supervisor of B.A.B.E.L. Esper Team The Hound.




At the beginning she enters B.A.B.E.L. as the most qualified yet inexperienced prospect for the job of field commander she shows a rather weak personality and a problematic lack of conviction. However, thanks to the cooperation of The Children, Minamoto and the superiors, she managed to find enough confidence in herself to become a long-term commander for The Hound.

Keikois is an otaku, mostly interested in stories related to animals.

During the story she says she is atracted by elder men, and give hints of feeling attracted by Ichirō Tanizaki.


Hatsune Inugami: She is in Keiko's charge, initially Hatsune was reluctant to accept her, because she feels jealous because of the close relationship she has with Akira, but after a trial, Keiko wins her trust, and both begin to share their freetime like going together to see movies.

Akira Yadorigi: the young man is under her charge, and as initially Keiko was new, he quickly tryed to help her to get used to her new job.