Kazura Tamaki (玉置カズラTamaki Kazura) is a member of P.A.N.D.R.A.    


She has long black hair, blue eyes.




Elementary School Arc Edit

Kazura is present when Shirō Magi presents to the P.A.N.D.R.A. members, explaining the prediction of The Future.

She was part of the team sent to subdue Patty Crew who was under the control of Black Phantom. When Mio Tsukushi brought Kaoru Akashi to meet the team, Kazura provoked Kaoru into a fight but was unable to hold her own, and had to be protected by Momiji Kanō. During the fight with Patty, Kazura was unable to land a hit. After the fight ended, and Kaoru lost consciousness, Kazura used Psychometry to diagnose what was wrong with Kaoru.


She has a synthesized power, using tentacles and psychometry.


She seems to be paired up on missions with Kagari often, considering her reactions towards him. Kazura appears to have a crush (or stronger feelings) for Kagari, considering her jealousy when he holds Kaoru's hand.

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