Ihachigō, is a dolphin and the brother of Ikyūgō, a non-human Esper with most accurate level-7 precognition ability in the world. He had predicted many important incidents such as the defeat of Japan, formation of P.A.N.D.R.A., and another devastating war about to be occured. As he died decades ago and now his brain is being used by Hyoubu Kyousuke for its precognitive abilities.



The hardened and calculating figure of the twins, the elder dolphin believe in sacrifice for the greater good and very strict about revealing his prediction. Realizing that Hyoubu desires a future that his superiors didn't even dreamed. He restrained his younger brother through out the entire war and simply watched the born of the Fallen Angel, if not give the man one last push.

However, he deeply regrets his actions as all he want to do is to protect the world he lived, his deepest grief being making Hyoubu become who the latter become. Believe in everyone he didn't saved are sacrificing for the future, he don't care how Hyoubu "preserve" him as he considers it a part of sacrifice and the punishment for the world's greatest prophet.