Fujiko Tsubomi (蕾見 不二子, Tsubomi Fujiko) is a powerful Esper and the founder of B.A.B.E.L.. She has all the same powers as The Children and is able to absorb energy, usually doing so with a kiss in the mouth. Fujiko and Kyōsuke Hyōbu grew up together like siblings under the wings of her father, but they became rivals after the war


Fujiko tsubomi unlimited
She is medium height, has long white hair ad violet eyes. she has a very curvy body, that in which, she has a large bust along with a small waist, narrow hips, and long slender legs.

Even though she is over eighty years old, Fujiko retains the appearance of a person of around 20 years, by controlling her body functions, and continuously entering in a state of hibernation, also she replentish her life energy by sucking it from whomever she kisses; but as a sign of age her hair has changed color from chestnut brown to light creamy-tan, almost an off white color (same happened to Kyousuke).

Like Kyousuke she froze herself in time keeping her youthful appearance at the age of eighteen before she was suppose to be killed by the operators of the Army Esp Unit.

In her younger days, Fujiko had mid-back length chestnut brown hair with large violet eyes (Red in the Unlimited Anime), she normally wore her hair in a pony tail, or a braid in the back that acted as a crown in the back. Before joining the Army she wore her hair down with a bow tying a few strands of her hair from the side of her face, and drawing them to the back.


Fujiko is a very interesting character, mostly she is depicted as a lively woman.

Her behaviour can change deppending of the situation,she may act like something very similar to a naive young person, a serious goverment worker, to a dirty minded old granny.

She is sensitive and caring towards her friends and workers but on the other hand, despite her age, she is a very immature, capricious, bossy, noisy and manipulative person, who likes to guide the people and events without being noticed.

During her young years the word that desdribed her the best is irreverent, she showed little respect for authorities. People around her always had to stand her rather bizarre personality, like being a bit bossy and a bad loser, and it was common that her behaviour put into embarrasing situation or even punishment to her partners, but even with all that, everyone was charmed by her, as deep inside she has always been a nice person.

In the present days she can be described as female womanizer to men. As seen in episode 28 of ZKC when Minamoto was sent flying through the door, which caused her to wake up, she turned very excited to have such a young and handsome man in her bedroom; she has also been seen flirting with men like Shūji Sakaki. Also she is very open in terms of sexuality talks (this side of her personality is refered in the manga, but obviously never oppenly shown)

Fujiko can be quite the tease when she tries to weasel information out of someone being able to use her charms on high authorities such as Comerican President, scientists or even goverment authorities without hessitation.

Born in a privileged family as a female during the imperial age of Japan, Fujiko was rebelling against the feudalistic society when she was a child, she always rejected to have a house wife destiny, she wanted to have freedom. She joined ESSC out of different influences from people surrounding her, Satomi, Hyoubu and herself realized that she simply wanted an independent lifestyles by having others recognize her powers.

Besides, considering him as a rival, and holding a grudge on him becouse of his murders to lots of the early B.A.B.E.L. members, Fujiko loves Hyōbu Kyōsuke as his younger brother, she is aware that his health is decreasing and is constantly worried about him, and does not doubt to collaborate with him if necessary.


Her father adopted Hyoubu making them siblings. She is the only survivor of their original esper team that died during The Great War Fujiko managed to run away from the massacree and had to pass for very hard times , until she finally got to rejoin the goverment and start the project wich ended up in the creation of B.A.B.E.L.



Fujiko has many esper abilities, they include Teleportation, Psychokinesis, Psychometry. She use her abilities in a excelent waydue to her training during war and post war, the only Espers who have seen tomake rivals o her are Kyosuke and Hanzo, since she has been able to easilly dispatch The Children and even Naomi .


Kyousuke Hyoubu: Kyosuke was put under Fujiko's care since he was young and Fujiko instantly took him as a younger brother, both being inseparable; their before their involvement into war both liked to train their powers often competing to see who was the best. During war time both did some missions together, taking care of each other. Their ways separated after theextermination of the Esper unitby the military force, while Kyosuke swore vengeance and started a massacree, Fujiko managed to forget them in aid of a future in which Espers could be recognized by the goverment as a necessary and useful part of society.

Seishiro Uzumi, He was the smartest, well cultured, peacefull, and understanding member of the Special Esper Unit, and after Kyosuke, Uzumi was the closest to Fujiko, they have been seen playing chess together (only for Fujiko to end throwing the chessboard into the air for her anger towards a defeat) and they even shared books. Fujiko was worried about his lack of interest in women, so she send him some oddly books related to sexuality. It seems that both of them had some likes to each other but no relatioship had developed.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a reference to Lady Fujitsubo,  a wife of Emperor Kiritsubo in The Tale Of Genji.