ESP (超能力者 (エスパー) Japanese: Psychic) is an ability held by some people. There are hundreds of thousands of Espers all over the world that are level 1 to 3, but only 3% are level 4 to 7. Esper powers can be possessed at birth or acquired later in life, usually through some sort of trauma.

Level and Position of a EsperEdit

Level 1The Level 1 is capable of sensing people who are standing still, they are also very sensitive to people with psychic abilitiesUnknown
Level 2The level 2 is capable of sensing to many people, they're also capable of making a door or a screendoor tremble.

Chisato Hanai

Level 3The level 3 is capable of making a house tremble, along with moving long distances through a suspended electric phenomenonUnknown
Level 4The level 4 is capable of knocking down a flower vase. They're also capable of sensing peoples who are walking. They can protect themselves.

Akira Yadorigi

Hatsune Inugami

Level 5The level 5 is capable of seeing through walls. They are also capable of knocking down tombstones.

Tobita Tobio

Natsuko Tokiwa

Hotaru Nowaki

Level 6There are only less 3% that are capable of destroying a house, they're capable of creating landslides and fissures on the ground.Naomi Umegae
Shūji Sakaki
Mary Ford
Ken McGwire
Level 7The level 7 are capable of destroying various kinds of objects, they're also able to fly.Kaoru Akashi
Aoi Nogami
Shiho Sannomiya
J.D. Grisham

Hyoubu Kyousuke

Fujiko Tsubomi

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