Children of Tomorrow is the second chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children. This chapter was released as part of a "short term serialization", it is considered canon but not part of the standard chapter numeration, as such it is the equivalent to a prologue to the series.


Kaoru is waking up Kōichi to make them some breakfast. Kōichi then says that they can eat whatever they want, and sleeps further. She then uses her telekinesis powers and Aoi transforms his bed into water which she drowns him. Shiho then says that Kōichi is trying to say that they are trying to kill him. Kaoru then says that they are helping him.

Kōichi is then been remembering him that he's their superior. After that they where been saying that he's complaining, Kaoru enters the room telling him to stop with it. Kōichi then ask if there is anything he can do, Kaoru then tells Kōichi if she should wear her lucky panties which she makes Kōichi flips.

Taizō then appears with the helicopter, saying that the schedules has been canceled because the children's are needed for something. He then sees that Kōichi is been attacked by Kaoru by calling her a brat. Later they where been landing on a unknown place seeing rock blocking a tunnel. According to Oboro, there are still peoples burred alive.

Taizō then calls the kids to do their work, but they aren't in charge of doing it. Taizō then is giving Kōichi the blame, which that they are having another discussion.

The children's where been rescuing the peoples and heal their injuries. When they are inside, Kaoru found another victim which she calls Aoi for help. After that Aoi uses her teleportation, it has been backfired, which she is now buried inside a rock boil.