Bullet Silver (バレット・シルバー Buretto Shirubā) is a former Black Phantom assassin, released by The Children and given a second chance in life by turning into a member of B.A.B.E.L.


Bullet is slim, medium height,with black hair and always wears a white bandanna.


Under Phantom Daughter's hypnosis, Bullet was aggressive yet a patient and straightforward.

He is a weapons specialist and loves guns and war stuff, he behaves using lots of a military manners such as greetings and responses.

Once freed he shows to be carying and kindhearted, and more of his personality is shown, Bullet defines himself as an otaku, specially adept to Zettai Chill Chill, an anime series very famous in the ZKC world. His otaku status makes him proud/embarrased, but he found comfort in the company of Tim Toy who shares his likes becoming best friends.

His hypnosis is broken by The Children and he is saved, but it resulted in the loss of his memory, however he is aware that he had nothing but painful things to remember, and becouse of that early in the story he stops trying to recover his memories.

Later, Bullet works for B.A.B.E.L. along with Tim Toy, as a support team for the children under the direction of Minamoto with the aim of slowly reinserting Bullet to society. He feels an enourmus respect and apretiation for The Children whom he would deffend with his life.

Bullet appears to have a crush for Aoi Nogami, both have been together in a couple of situations, in wich shows a lot of respect to her, and a rather comical obedience even being able to withstand an attempt of mind control from Black Phantom, only by hearing Aoi's voice.This subtle yet undeveloped relationship has been spotted by Shiho Sannomiya in one occasion.Furthermore on the future shown by Feather Bullet dies during an air raid fighting alongside Aoi, expressing joy after "finally fighting with her in the same side".


Bullet has telekinesis, which he uses to maneuver discharged gun bullets through the air at an adversary.