Angels with a Devil is the first chapter of Takashi Shiina's Zettai Karen Children.


A past outline of Kōichi Minamoto. Years later, the team of B.A.B.E.L. where been preparing on something. Kōichi then says that the precog department will been lit up in flames about 5 minutes. They where then been hearing a strange sound which contains to be a helicopter. They where then been in shock, knowing later that it was that, that has been predicted.

Kaoru then calls Kōichi and ask him how long they must going to wait, because she wanna go home. Kōichi then reacts angry and activate their Limiters.

After that their Limiters where been activated, Kaoru then stops the helicopter and gives the turn to Aoi. Aoi and Shiho has been entering the helicopter and sees that the pilot in unconscious. Shiho is then looking to the body of the pilot and sees that the pilot is loosing oxygen from his brain. They where then been calling for an ambulance, which a mysterious figure where been laughing.

At the babel headquarters, it contains to be the bureau director Taizō Kiritsubo. He then where saying that the children's are remarkable. The directors secretary Oboro Kashiwagi where saying that the prediction parameter hasn't change. She then reminds him that the rate of occurrence is still at 86%.

Kaoru is then been letting the unconscious pilot alive. After that she succeed that, she then suddenly attacks Kōichi, because she annoys her. Kōichi then reminds her about the plain, which it crash on the building. The next day at the hospital, they where been seen all with headbands which seeing Kōichi been hospitalized. Kōichi then reacts angry, which they are trying to slip it true and coming with items for him. Kōichi reacts angry again, which that Taizō has arrived. The sisters then where been running to him, fake crying, and saying that Kōichi where being mad to them. Taizō then looks at them and says that they didn't do anything wrong.

Kaoru where then been teasing Kōichi, which that he then responds angry at them.

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