Akira Yadorigi (宿木 明, Yadorigi Akira) is a member of B.A.B.E.L. Esper Team The Hound. He is a Level 4 Metempsychotic.


Akira is mostly seen wearing a varsity jacket, a violet-coloured vest and spiky hair. In some episodes his hair has different sizes, sometimes his bangs can be seen. Akira is a Supporting Character and doesn't appear much in the Series.
Akira's Metempsychosis
Akira's Metempsychosis1


Akira's personality is kind and friendly; when Momotarō was going to shoot Kaoru, Akira put himself in the way and got shot hoping to be able to understand Momotarō's feelings.


Akira comes from a family of Metempsychotics who serve the Inugami family. Because of this family connection he grew up closely with Hatsune, and became great friends with her.

As a teenager he joined B.A.B.E.L. with Hatsune forming a team, The Hound, with her.



Metempsychosis Level 4 - Due to Akira's Level, he is able to control animals, and even other higher level Espers,he is not seen controlling any persons but animals,possibly because he is not allowed to harm normal people.

When Akira controls animals,sometimes his eye changes in what kind of animal he is controling,when he controls humans, his eye turns Violet.


Hatsune Inugami - Since they were child,they have together always, Akira took care of Hatsune, for Hatsune,Akira is her Brother, both of their parents are friends, Akira and Hatsune lived alone in the woods.Akira sometimes calmed Hatsune when shes angry or sometimes when Hatsune tried to eat a bunny.


  • Akira's last name is after the chapter "Yadorigi" (宿木) in The Tale of Genji.
  • When Akira is wearing different Jackets,he only wears it once,he always like to wear his blue varsity jacket,rather than Jackets with a hood.But in some episodes he wears a jacket with a hood.
  • Kaoru is the only Esper that Akira has switched bodies with.


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